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Young Drunk Drivers Cause Problems In Kentucky

State police in Kentucky are finding out all possible means to help eradicate Kentucky’s problem on underage drinking. This problem has long been plaguing young driver’s car insurance in the state. As Kentucky state police serves as the administrator for Underage Drinking Laws grant, it is the task of the organization to come up with projects for the youth and keep them sober while driving on roads and highways. State legislators are also looking into the problem to see if laws can be amended to help remedy this situation.

According to reports, meetings have been ongoing since first of December between police officials and other state authorities. Insiders say meetings focus on seeking projects that will utilize the funds provided by the Underage Drinking Laws grant and will significantly reduce rates of underage drunk driving. Planned projects include seminars, youth oriented projects, sports activities, and many others.

State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer, said in a recent interview that enforcement of activities to lessen drunk driving among the youth must be held together with a series of information campaigns to make people completely aware of the hazards involved in underage drinking. Commissioner Brewer adds that people neglect that. While teenage drinking is already dangerous, the real hazard comes in when drunk young drivers go behind the wheel.

Reports compiled by the Administrative Office of the Courts in Kentucky show that last year, there were 3,067 DUI arrests for teen drivers between ages of 16 and 19. Insurance insiders say that the number of DUI cases in Kentucky constitutes approximately 36% of the total insurance claims in the state. With the already high car insurance premiums for young drivers, claims for DUI caused collisions triggered further hikes in premium rates.

Data from the Insurance Information Institute reveal that more drivers under the age of 20 drive after drinking as compared to more mature motorists. Experts say that young motorists in Kentucky are more susceptible to drinking without regard to the fact that they need to drive home. Insurance companies are worried that if nothing is done to remedy the current issues on drunk driving; insurance costs may increase in the years to come making it more difficult for consumers to afford them.

According to local motorist groups, they are taking part of the regular meetings conducted by state police officials and are very happy that the local government is now taking action regarding this said predicament.

Final reports from state officials will be released on January 15 for final review and possible implementation





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