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Smoker Health Insurance Information to save you time and Money

Congratulations Smokers, Chewers and Pipe Smokers yes you too can obtain affordable Health insurance rates, from top rated Health insurance carriers here in the US.

Here are a few tips for obtaining and working with a broker and or agent on obtaining the best and most affordable tobacco user Health insurance plans or policy.

Obtaining the best most affordable smoker term life insurance rate and or quote you should work with a broker and or agent who can represent a number of different life insurance carriers. This will allow your Health insurance agent to shop the market for the best possible rates, quotes and carriers for your particular tobacco of choice.

Health Insurance carriers all have different underwriting guidelines concerning tobacco rates. Some Life Companies do not charge you a tobacco rating for chewing, cigar and pipe smoking but you also wont be eligible for the best rate.- Other companies are very strict and will make you be tobacco free for 3, 2, or at a minimum of 12 months. But not to fret smoker term Health or permanent life insurance premiums have reduced quite substantially over the last few years.-

Occasional Cigar use is considered by some Health insurance companies as 12 or less per year.- In my opinion First Colony Life Insurance, Prudential Health Insurance and US Financial will probably be some of the best smoker life insurance rates in the market place.-

Shop around and get some comparisons from a couple different broker and agents, you might find there comparisons for Smoker Health Insurance very different or very similar with some of the same Life Insurance Carriers.- If you have other health issues please let your broker know because it could dramatically affect your premiums and always be honest if you have been using tobacco products. Typically the insurance company will find out from your urine specimen, exam results or your doctors records.

Good Luck in your quest for the best smoker Health insurance rates, quotes and life insurance carriers, as always you can send me an email if I can help or talk to one of my trusted resource partners below. Click on the following link to learn more about Smoker Health Insurance and Life Insurance related products.










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