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Nomedical Exam Life Insurance information and quotes

Nonmedical Exam Life Insurance and non-medical life insurance is currently a very hot topic on the internet right now. You see there are currently a number of carriers that are offering this convenient alternative to qualified applicants.

Most no medical exam life insurance or otherwise known as an-medical life insurance policies offer the same benefits as plans that do require a full medical exam. Typically with these life insurance policies, the costs or premiums are higher than a traditionally fully underwritten life insurance policy.

But the big difference with medical exam life insurance policies is that the applicant will not have to go through a medical exam, get blood drawn or provide other bodily fluid such as urine and saliva. The second big difference or benefit is the time saved in underwriting the policy.

Traditional life insurance policies can take anywhere from 2 to possibly 6 months depending on a number of different factors, but with a nonmedical exam or non-medical life insurance policies, it is possible to have a policy within 10-20 minutes.

Here you will find more detailed information and quotes on nonmedical exam life insurance policies that can help you determine if it is right for you.

Frequently asked questions about Nonmedical Exam Life Insurance

What makes Nomedical exam and non medical life insuance different from other life insurance policies?

Qualified applicants can apply in as little as 10 minutes and get a term life policy approved instantly, with medical exam required. Other life insurance policies can take months to buy. Also, they can offer you guaranteed rates or premiums that are locked in at the time you apply.

How much does non-medical life insurance cost?

Compared with other forms of life insurance, term life insurance will give you the most affordable coverage for your dollar. But a no medical exam life policy will cost you a little bit more than a traditional full exam term life policy. But for nonmedical coverage as an example, a 30 year old, no smoking male could pay just $31 a month for a 30 year $150,000 policy. With some carriers, there is no policy fee or hidden costs and the premiums are fixed the life of the term policy.

Are the premiums and rates guaranteed?

Typically yes the premiums are locked and do not go up and the benefits never go down. Read the policy and ask questions.

How much do I need?

This is very subjective to the individual, whether you are purchasing your first term life insurance policy or supplementing current coverage with a nonmedical exam life insurance plan. Take into consideration any outstanding loans, mortgages, credit card debt, final expenses and college funding. If your family would need to replace your income consider enough face amount to produce interest income. Also make sure your current budget can handle the premium payments.

Benefits of nonmedical exam life insurance and non-medical life insurance policies

Fast, Easy, Simple to apply for and obtain coverage

10 to 20-minute application

Instant issue coverage

No Medical Exam

No long forms or frustrating paperwork

No Waiting, or follow up and you do not have to speak to an agent

All underwriting is done in real time

No risk or obligation

30-day money back guarantee

Features of medical exam and non-medical life insurance

10, 15, 20 or 30-year level term periods to choose from

Affordable premiums

Guaranteed Rates

Level Term benefits

Policy Renewable at end of term (depends on the carrier)

Convenient Payment Options

Flexible Payment Schedule




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