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Men, Women And Car Insurance – Who Gets The Cheaper Deal?

One of the highest expenses you can expect to shoulder when owning a car or vehicle is insurance. Usually, automobile insurance costs far exceed expenses or money spent for gasoline, permits, licenses, registration, routine maintenance and spare parts. Out of all drivers on the road, those who have been driving for a short while can expect higher costs or premium rates, to the extent that the total may even be equal to the price of a car. This is true even for basic insurance coverage or policy.

Some insurance companies or firms offer a type of coverage especially designed for female drivers. Women can avail of this type of coverage and pay lesser premium fees and other expenses. Although this is basically the same as any other car insurance policy, the difference lies on the fact that female drivers are generally known to be involved in less risk than men.

The business of insurance is grounded on risk-taking. If there is a risk, there is insurable interest. If a risk causes loss, an insurer pays up. If a risk does not take place, an insurer gets to keep premiums. Whenever there is a claim made by a client, a company tries to compute how much they are going to lose if they pay the claim. Now, this would depend on risks involved. Insurance companies would often adjust the amount of premiums that will enable them to conveniently make a justified payment without losing profit. Getting to know their clients and finding out who among them poses the highest risk – thus highest expense – is a key strategy in making sure that they will not go bankrupt.

Statistics show that a majority of road accidents have been caused by young and inexperienced drivers, most of them male. This same data shows that women, whether young or otherwise, have been involved in fewer accidents than men. Add this to the fact that there are usually more women than men in the outdoor population. This results in men being required to pay higher premiums. Women are allowed to pay lesser amounts because a company expects to make a profit because there is practically no risk involved. Even if women drivers do get involved in accidents, the amount of claims will almost never surpass the amount of profits.

This is also a reason why insurance companies have been aggressive in selling policies to women drivers. They have to compensate for losses they experienced in paying off claims involving accidents caused by men. It becomes a norm to expect that women are low-risk policy holders. The present trend has evolved to design insurance programs solely for women drivers – one with sufficient coverage albeit a lower rate of premium.


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