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Hail and Windstorm Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance policies will cover damage from hail and windstorms. Deductibles for wind damage fall under 2 categories:

  • Hurricane deductibles – applies exclusively to hurricane damage
    • Wind/hail, or windstorm deductibles – applies to all wind-related damages.

In the case of damage from hail, be sure to report damages in a timely fashion. Be aware that normal wear and tear of the roof is not covered, so the insurance company will not cover the costs of a brand new roof.

To reduce premiums, homeowners may wish to invest in various methods that will mitigate damages caused by hurricanes. For areas prone to hail and windstorms, there are services available where professionals can come and inspect your property and offer suggestions on what you can do to you home to reduce hail and windstorm damages. To ensure maximum protection, ascertain whether or not you will need additional coverage such as earthquake or flood insurance. Always have an updated inventory of your belongings on hand, with serial numbers, descriptions, values, and pictures of each item.

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